What is VPN and 3 Best Recommended VPN For 2018

What is VPN and 3 Best Recommended VPN For 2018 – In some case when you want to access some website you can’t because they block your IP address or you got blocked to access the website because your ISP (Internet Service Provider) given’t you the access. Many ways to overcome it for the example using VPN. Before it you have to know what is VPN.

What’s is VPN?

VPN is Virtual Private Network that’s provide private secure network connection through a virtual server (intermediary).

How VPN Works?

If you are using VPN it’s means you are using some server the server uses can be physical computer or virtual server/cloud server. VPN will change your real IP and replace it with new IP address. Below you can see the picture to understand how is VPN can be working.

So the best VPN use the best server to give best performance. high speed, safety right?
Below is 5 Recommended VPN For 2018.

3 Best Recommended VPN For 2018


  • Super fast & multi device
  • 148 server locations in 94 countries
  • Awesome Support
    Visit ExpressVPN
  • Speed97%
  • Stability95%
  • Anonymous97%


Average Score


  • Fast & Very Stable
  • 4489 server locations in 62 countries
  • 30 day money-back guarantee
    Visit NordVPN
  • Speed95%
  • Anonymous94%


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  • Speed91%
  • Stability95%
  • Anonymous100%


Average Score

VPN is actually just an intermediary that gives more security and gives more access, if you feel need it you can buy the VPN. There’s Lots of VPN service providers please to compare it to get best budget like what you want. Comparison above is only the author’s recommendation and based on reality usage.